Internship and PhD Special

25 Apr, 2013
23 Dec, 2012

Many students want to give a impetus to their applications for MS or PhD in the US by working with a professor at a good research lab. For example in India there are the IITs and IISc and in places like China there is the Tsinghua University and in the US there are so many good schools. Many people also apply for internships at EPFL, Switzerland and INRIA, France and so on.

Here are a few tips when trying to approach professors at such places. In general, these tips hold true for emailing university professors in general.

  • Try to show why you are interested in the work going on in a particular lab.
  • Try to do a lot of background survey on what kinda of work happens in that lab.
  • Try to find matches between what kind of projects you have done and the kind of projects going in the lab currently.
  • See the students of the professor in question and see what they are up to. They should have web pages available for this.
  • Try to send them a link to your resume rather than a doc copy. It helps to save your email from getting blocked by spam filters.
  • If you cant send a link (which is sad because u can easily get a webpage these days), then send in a PDF copy, not DOC.
  • Keep resume shorter rather than longer. Profs don’t usually have a lot of time.
  • In the email you send, include 3-4 major points off of your resume so that they know what you have in you and can go seek out more about you in the resume. Keep the email short and sweet.

For PhD Candidates

For those of you out there who are very serious about getting a PhD in Computer Science from a good university, here’s a fairly good article you should read.