Free Alternative to Google Apps for your Domain –

23 Apr, 2013

If you need a free email service for your custom business domain, you might want to check out

Google Apps for Business had been the go to email service for businesses and custom domain owners who want a free of charge email service for their custom domains for up to 10 users. However, recent announcement by Google regarding the discontinuation of free sign-ups of Google Apps has forced most users to the low quality email service provided by most of the domain hosting providers.

Alternatives to Google Apps

If you are wondering what other services are out there that allows you to use you own domain as your email address for free, here are a couple of services I personally recommend:

  • Zoho Mail Lite

    Zoho Mail Lite allows you to use one domain with 5 users and 5 GB/user limit as a free service.


    The other option that I use myself is to set up an account and configure it with your custom domain. Currently Microsoft’s allows you to have up to 50 users with no limitation on storage space.

Stay tuned for the next post on how to use with your custom domain.