Email address with your own domain using

9 Sep, 2016
24 Apr, 2013

This tutorial will guide you to set up Microsoft’s email service with youR custom domain.

Microsoft no longer offers support for custom domain management in Instead, users are encouraged to use Office 365, Microsoft’s premium online service. Existing customers can still access their account via but administrators won’t be able to manage users and settings via

As mentioned in my previous post, with Google’s announcement to discontinue Google Apps Free Service, more and more people are looking for a free email service for their own domain., the modern email service from Microsoft allows you to use your custom domain name as your email address so that you can have instead of or or

Setup Guide


A Microsoft account, a registered domain name and access to your DNS management portal of you domain registrar.


  • Step #1

    Go to You will see the below screen.


  • Step #2

    Click on ‘Get Started’ button to navigate to the signup page as below.


  • Step #3

    Type your domain name in the textbox. Make sure “Set up for my domain” option is selected and click “Continue”. You will see one of the following screens depending on if you are signed-in with a Microsoft Account or not.


  • Step #4

    If you are not signed-in, you will have the option to sign-in or create a new Microsoft Account. This is important and required as you will be using your Microsoft Account to administer your domain. After completion of this step with the option that applies to you, you should see the below screen.


  • Step #5

    Fill-in the CAPTCHA and click ‘I Accept’. You will see a screen as shown below.


  • Step #6

    You will have to add the ‘MX’ record in order for to send and receive emails using you domain. This is a required step and you won’t be able to proceed any further without completing this step. Once you done adding the MX record, you will have to verify the setting by clicking the ‘Refresh’ button on top.

    If you want to use messenger services, you will have to add in the SRV record. I would also recommend adding all the other optional records. If everything works fine, you should see the ‘Member Accounts’ screen as shown below.


  • Step #7

    Add in your users. If you want to just add aliases (multiple address for the same user), please refer to this excellent post by Joshua Harley for details.

  • Step #8 (Optional)

    You can access and log-in to you account by going to and typing in your email address and password. However, I would recommend you complete this step which will allow you to set up your custom address for your services like Email, SkyDrive, Calendar, etc. For example, you can set up you DNS to access your emails at

    To do this, click the “Custom Address” link on the left navigation menu. You will see a scree as below. Select the options you need and add “CNAME” accordingly to you DNS.


  • Step #9 (Optional)

    Finally, I would also suggest linking you Microsoft Account with you custom domain account so that you can easily switch between the two accounts..

I hope this helps you to set up for your own domain without much effort.