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Sayeed Choudhury is a software developer at Merchant Marketing Group, a digital marketing agency based in Southampton.

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Sayeed Choudhury

Some useful Linux commands for web developers

7 May, 2013
1 May, 2013

Here’s a list of some Linux commands that I find myself using everyday. Most of these commands you might already know, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat them here. As I use and love Ubuntu, most of these commands are based on Ubuntu but most of them will apply to others distros as well. First […]

A JavaScript Interview Question

24 Apr, 2013
23 Dec, 2012

Here is an interesting javascript interview question. While it seems to be trivial at first glance, there’s actually some fundamental concepts that one must know in order to truly appreciate and answer this question. The Question Alter the following javascript snippet to make it more efficient.

Now, before jumping to the answer, lets look […]

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