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Sayeed Choudhury is a software developer at Merchant Marketing Group, a digital marketing agency based in Southampton.

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Sublime Text 2 – Configuration and Useful Packages for Web Development


Over the years, I have tried many text editors and Sublime Text 2 has been by far the best of the lot. This article contains some of the Sublime Text 2 packages that I found to be very useful for web development.

I have been using Sublime Text 2 for over a year now and it is without any doubt the best cross platform text editor out there. There are other editors that I use depending on the platform such as Notepad2 on windows and nano on Linux (without a GUI).

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Some useful Linux commands for web developers


Here’s a list of some Linux commands that I find myself using everyday. Most of these commands you might already know, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat them here. As I use and love Ubuntu, most of these commands are based on Ubuntu but most of them will apply to others distros as well.

First up is creating a new user under Linux. The reason why you might be wondering is because I prefer to run each virtual host in Apache 2.2 under a separate user using the apache2-mpm-itk module. This allows for more security to individual vhosts, specially on a shared hosting environment. I will write about how you can run each virtual host in Apache under its own user.

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Install Ubuntu 13.04 with Ubuntu Wubi Installer


This post is for those of you out there who want to try out Ubuntu 13.04 using the Ubuntu Wubi installer.

With the latest release of Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) just a few days back, I wanted to give it a try using the famous Wubi installer. However, in a message to the Ubuntu Devel Mailing list, Canonical’s Steve Langasek stated that the Ubuntu Foundations team ‘…does not expect Wubi to be in a releasable state for 13.04.’

Disclaimer: Ubuntu recommends installing Ubuntu 13.04 on its own dedicated partition.

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Email address with your own domain using Outlook.com


This tutorial will guide you to set up Microsoft’s Outlook.com email service with you custom domain.

As mentioned in my previous post, with Google’s announcement to discontinue Google Apps Free Service, more and more people are looking for a free email service for their own domain. Outlook.com, the modern email service from Microsoft allows you to use your custom domain name as your email address so that you can have username@yourdomain.com instead of username@outlook.com or username@live.com or username@hotmail.com.

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Free Alternative to Google Apps for your Domain – Outlook.com


If you need a free email service for your custom business domain, you might want to check out Outlook.com

Google Apps for Business had been the go to email service for businesses and custom domain owners who want a free of charge email service for their custom domains for up to 10 users. However, recent announcement by Google regarding the discontinuation of free sign-ups of Google Apps has forced most users to the low quality email service provided by most of the domain hosting providers.

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Internship and PhD Special


Many students want to give a impetus to their applications for MS or PhD in the US by working with a professor at a good research lab. For example in India there are the IITs and IISc and in places like China there is the Tsinghua University and in the US there are so many good schools. Many people also apply for internships at EPFL, Switzerland and INRIA, France and so on.

Here are a few tips when trying to approach professors at such places. In general, these tips hold true for emailing university professors in general.

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A JavaScript Interview Question


Here is an interesting javascript interview question. While it seems to be trivial at first glance, there’s actually some fundamental concepts that one must know in order to truly appreciate and answer this question.

The Question

Alter the following javascript snippet to make it more efficient.

Now, before jumping to the answer, lets look at the code above and try and understand what it does. Within the for loop this snippet creates a HTML “div” element and appends the text “Node <number>” (where number ranges from 1 to 1000) and appends it to the DOM.

So what’s inefficient about this code? Well to understand this, lets look at two fundamental DOM manipulation concepts “Repaint” and “Reflow”.

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